Relax with your own healing sounds Healing Sounds Creator

Sleep restfully

Soothe the body and mind

Focus and concentrate

Enhance your personal potential…

To achieve such things, it is important to relax your mind.
Help yourself to relax in any situation with this new app that enables you to create your own personal ‘healing sounds’.

Reproduce fluctuations of ‘nature’ and ‘you’☆☆☆Reproduction of Fluctuations☆☆☆

Our fluctuations (pulse, heart rate etc.) are unique to each one of us and so is the way we relax.

With YURAGI+ you can select the most suitable sounds from a wide range of source sounds such as nature sounds, music, rhythms and stories to suit your own mood or purpose at the time, mix them freely and then listen to them.

You can create your own fluctuations (YURAGI) to soothe and calm yourself.

YURAGI+ is an app which is easy to use and enables you to quickly switch to relaxation mode.

Add the ideal fluctuations to your life – where ever and whenever you need.

Experience for yourself a new sensation created by healing sounds which you will not find in any other healing sounds product.

YURAGI+ sounds help you to relax. Increase the use of sounds in your daily life ☆☆☆Recommended uses ☆☆☆

Use at bedtime to help you fall into a relaxing sleep
Use as background music in an office to improve work efficiency
Use to enhance atmosphere ( a beauty salon or yoga studio)
Use to improve concentration powers (e.g. when studying)
Use as background music during sports training to bring out potential abilities
Use to help children fall asleep

Playback in High-Resolution.Unique appeal unlike any other app

All nature sounds are 1 hour uninterrupted recordings of real sounds of nature.

You can listen to real life relaxing fluctuations - not just repetition of short sound recordings.

All music is acoustic in nature.

The gentle sounds enhance the healing effect - no electric synthetic sounds are used.

YURAGI+ is compiled from various sound sources, including stories which can be used to help children get to sleep and alpha, beta, theta and gamma waves.

YURAGI+ also contains recordings of the 9 Solfeggio Frequencies which are a musical scale that are said to help balance your chakras, thus soothing the mind and body.

It is also possible to playback High-resolution source sounds which produce the hypersonic effect.
• On smartphones High-resolution playback at 96Hz 24bit is only possible when an external dedicated playback device is connected.

☆☆☆Originality ☆☆☆


(Source sounds)

Mix up to 4 sounds of your choice and easily make a combination that feels right for you.
The volume of each sound can be adjusted separately.The choice of sounds will be increased with time.

2.My Sounds


You can save the sound mixes you have created in My Sounds and listen to them whenever you like.


(Make public)

You can upload the sound mixes you made and share them with others throughout the world and also enjoy sounds made by other people.
You can also manage and control your favourite mixes by making tags to suit your different purposes (e.g. sleep, concentration, songs etc.).



You can manage and save the playback order of sound mixes you have saved in My Sounds.
You can also skip and return to anything during playback.



By using it in your life like a radio you listen to every day, you can set the pace for your day and help to manage your mood.

Selected as Amazon’s Choice Healing CD. Use 6 YURAGI titles free of charge ☆☆☆Healing Sounds Creator Free Sounds☆☆☆

6 of the popular healing sounds YURAGI CD series which were released in 2017 and selected for the Amazon’s Choice List are available free of charge as your starting source sounds.

Waves and Guitar


Japanese water harp and piano

Japanese water harp

Japanese harp and birds